View and Download Yamaha ’09 YZF-R1 manual online. ’09 YZF-R1 Motorcycle pdf Motorcycle Yamaha YZF-R1 (Y) Service Manual. ( pages). All service manuals are in PDF format and zipped to keep the size down on R1 Service Manual · R1 Service Manuals. This manual was produced by the Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. primarily for use by Yamaha dealers and their qualified mechanics. It is not possible to include.

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First edition, November All rights reserved. Any reproduction or unauthorized use without the written ywmaha of Yamaha Motor Co. It is not possible to include all the knowledge of a mechanic in one manual.

Download R1 Service Manuals Here – Yamaha R1 Forum: YZF-R1 Forums

Therefore, anyone who uses this book to perform maintenance and repairs on Yamaha vehicles should have a basic understanding of mechanics and the techniques to repair these types of vehicles. Comprehensive explanations of all installation, removal, disassembly, assembly, repair and check procedures are laid out with the individual steps in sequential order.

The following symbols are not relevant to every vehicle. D1 information will be needed to order spare parts.

Yamaha ’09 YZF-R1 Manual

The pressure regulator maintains the fuel pressure that is applied to the fuel injector at kPa 3. Accordingly, when the energizing signal from the ECU energizes the fuel injector, the fuel passage opens, caus- ing the fuel to be injected into the intake manifold only during the time the passage remains open. Electronic control throttle systems have been used on automobiles, but Yamaha has developed a faster, more compact system specifically for the needs of a sports motorcycle.

This degree of intake volume control gives both improved low to mid-range power, as well as improved power in the higher rpm range. Throttle position sensor 2. Throttle servo motor 3. Accelerator position sensor 4. ECU engine control unit 5.


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FI CPU 32 bit 7. Throttle servo motor driver 8. ECU engine control unit 1. Accelerator position sensor Throttle position sensor Idle speed control 3.

Crankshaft position sensor Calculated throttle valve opening angle 4. Air funnel position Calculation value 6.

Average fuel consumption 1. Drive mode display 1. Air intake temperature display This display indicates which drive mode has The air intake manuall display indicates been selected: Yamaha dealer and have the standard tions. Shift timing indicator light activity Use oil yamahw grease recommended by Yamaha for all lubrication jobs. Other brands may be similar in function d1 appearance, but inferior in quality. Oil bearings liberally when installing, if appro- priate. Handle with care and do not give impact.

It has possibility that inside small parts of elec- tronic parts is destroyed by static electricity. Use only the appropriate special tools as this will help prevent damage caused by the use of inappropri- ate tools or improvised techniques.

Special tools, part numbers or both may differ depending on the country. Illustration pages Steering nut wrenchExhaust flange nut wrench YU-A Damper rod holderYM Oil filter wrench YU Rod holderDamper rod holder double ended YM Rod puller Illustration pages Thickness gauge Feeler gauge set YU Valve spring compressorYM Valve spring compressor attachmentValve spring compressor adapter 22 mm YM Middle driven shaft bearing driver Bearing driver 40 mm Illustration pages Pivot shaft wrench adapter Valve lapper Valve lapping tool YM-A Oil pressure adapter H Pressure gaugeYU Fuel pressure adapter YM Fuel injector pressure adapter YU Tightening torque specifications for spe- cial components or assemblies are provided for each chapter of this manual.

To avoid warpage, tighten multi-fastener assemblies in a crisscross pattern and progressive stages until the specified tightening torque is reached. Cylinder head nut See TIP. Cylinder head bolt 12 Nm 1. Rider footrest bolt 28 Nm 2.

Oil filter cartridge 7.

Shift fork upper Timing chain tensioner Oil filter cartridge 5. Oil level switch Timing chain tensioner 4. Oil filter cartridge 2. Oil level switch 3. Shift fork guide bar 2. Shift drum assembly 4. Right auxiliary light lead 6. Headlight sub-wire harness 7.

  IEC 61166 PDF

Intake air temperature sensor 9. Left auxiliary light lead Right air intake air duct cover Turn signal relay Left yamaba intake air duct cover Main switch lead 3. Left handlebar switch lead 4. Steering damper lead 5. Front brake light switch lead 9.

Throttle cable decelerator cable Throttle cable accelerator cable Right handlebar switch lead Headlight sub-wire harness 2. Right radiator fan motor lead 3. AC magneto lead 4. Crankshaft position sensor 5. Coolant reservoir hose 6. Right handlebar switch lead 8. Oil cooler outlet hose A. Ignition coil lead 2. Crankshaft position sensor lead 3. Rear brake light switch lead 4. O sensor lead A. Route the rear brake light switch lead out- side of the O sensor lead and push it to the occluding surface of the clutch cover.

Route the rear brake yaaha switch lead 1. Union bolt between the top and bottom frame bosses 2. Washer for installing the right footrest assembly 3. Exhaust chamber cover and to inside of the frame. Right footrest assembly 5.

Immobilizer unit lead 2. Left radiator fan motor lead 3. Radiator fan motor relay 4. Radiator inlet pipe 7.

Yamaha R1 Service Manual Flat

manua ECU engine control unit bracket A. Insert the clamp winding the main harness into the ECU engine control unit bracket hole. Oil level switch lead 2. Gear position sensor lead 3. Speed sensor lead 4. Sidestand switch lead 5. Fuel tank breather hose 6. Fuel tank overflow hose 7. Coolant reservoir breather hose 8.

AC magneto lead