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The technical committees responsible for ACI committee reports and standards strive to avoid ambiguities, omissions, and errors in these. Aci 08 Pdf Download. Foo. INTRODUCTION /R-1 ACI Building Code and Commentary PREFACE The code portion of. Section of ACI lists important informational items that must be included on design drawings, details, or specifications, including anchorage length.

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This field experiment was designed, in part, to test the finding of the Pike experiment that the kinetics of the secretion of radioiodine in the milk of cows eat- ing contaminated hay might differ from that of cows eating contam- inated fresh green forage.

In meeting the first objective, the activity per area basis was used because of the non-uniformity of density of the Sudan grass in the plot. Milk and Water The volume of milk and water samples was kept constant at 4-liters by removing excess milk or water from the cubitainer aco adding distilled water to the container. The milk results from this group are shown in Table 26 and the values are plotted in Figure The hay was sufficient in quantity to feed four cows for six days as was the fresh green chop.

In evaluating these re- sults it was pointed out that the characteristics of the radioiodine contaminants at the two different stations were apparently quite different. The higher moisture content of the green chop could also play a role.

Conclusions Results indicate that some recontamination of the field took place during each irrigation. The most striking difference is in the effective half-life which is represented by the portion of the curves after the peak value is reached.

Background is at a higher level here because the area is covered with the throw-out from the Sedan Event, and variable because the loose surface dust is stirred up when one walks in this area. Methods and procedures for disseminating a dry aerosol of diato- maceous earth tagged with were developed.


Figures 10 and 11 show the contours of deposition density for this and the three successive trials.

Particle sizes on row 3 slides. The sensor numbers referred to are the designations used by the ESSA in its report of meteorological data for the release.

Particle size from Group 2 photographs 14? The group 1 adjusted data give results comparable to those of group 2.

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Tender without agreement and EMD will be rejected. Procedure Twelve stakes were placed in the 15 meter by 40 meter test plot in an qci of three rows of four stakes. Filters were changed and the collected filters transported to Las 315–08 for counting. This value is in good agreement with a similar one of 5.

A specially constructed lead shield contains two G-M tubes which scan a strip of filter tape fed through the shield by a tape puller mechanism; the sampled air flows through the tape perpendicular to its face.

Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd.

They do establish a correlation between aerial concentration and deposition which is uniform over the limited data points. There is no basis for an estimate of error for this system. They were placed in portable stanchions designed to hold dairy cows comfortably See Figure 7.

Pertinent data have already been obtained following Palanquin and these results will be published as soon as feasible. The two G-M tubes and one of the scintillators are incorporated into the box labelled “Air Sampler” in Figure Then 10 kg of contaminated hay was fed in the same mangers and again the uneaten portions weighed to determine the amount 3315-08. Background contamination was high and quantitatively unknown in the size range less than 5 J. Beta vs gamma data on planchets.


Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd. (Page ) @ , Inc.

The apparent effective decay half-lives for the 3 I levels in the milk of the different groups of study cows were remarkably similar for the fresh green chop, spread green chop and hay fed cows. Iodine in milk following ingestion average of 4 cows fed contaminated spread hay – Group II. Likewise, the deposition on the Sudan grass went into the construction of Figure 16 which accounts for Discussion The general shape of the thyroid activity versus time curves was similar for all calves, indicating similar iodine metabolism.

The major purpose of Project Hayseed was to relate our artificial systems for obtaining contamination to a more realistic system when the contaminant is a synthetic, dry aerosol tagged with 1 31I.

I Dairy Cow Uptake Studies Using a Synthetic Dry Aerosol

Summary of averages for feed and milk results. Adi DE was used as the aerosol, and the generators -were operated under a variety of wind conditions.

The following activities referred to time of collection were found in the system and control samplers and in conventional samplers near the system: The blocks were on the side of the stakes facing the aerosol generators. Error Estimates We have not, to date, determined the error of the opposed 4″ x 9″ crystals; however, reasonable estimates can be made for some geometries.

FBI values for Hayseed cows. The thyroid location was established by manual palpation using the crest of the cricoid cartilage and the first few tracheal rings as reference points.