PDF | BPMN poster including patterns | ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. An Event Sub-Process is placed into a Process or. Sub-Process. It is activated when its start event gets triggered and can interrupt the higher level process. We have created a BPMN Poster that summarizes all language A document summarizing the key differences between BPMN and.

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BPMN is already recognized as a mature business process modeling notationwhich was initially introduced in May Since the initial release, the notation as well the underlying technology has surpassed several major revisions Figure 1.

As evident from the Figure 1, there are four major releases of BPMNwhere the actual release dates differ slightly from those illustrated planned in the Figure 1.


The latest revision, BPMN 2. This article provides you with tips on how to visually assess the version and age of a BPMN diagram, which might be useful for the following reasons:.

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The oldest, BPMN 1. Figure 2 represents a valid BPMN 1.

In this article, BPMN 1. Figure 3 represents BPMN 1. The encircled areas represent elements which changed from the previous BPMN version. Besides, start, intermediate-catch, intermediate-throw and end events, BPMN 2. Figure 4 represents a valid BPMN 2.

How Can I Visually Recognize the Version Of BPMN Used In Diagrams?

In addition BPMN 2. Conversation diagram represents conversations between participants, where the choreography diagram focuses on between-processes interactions and message flows. However, readers should be aware that version of BPMN used in a diagram can be identified only if the diagram involves the elements, which ppster specific to individual BPMN versions.

Since a great amount of BPMN elements are common to all revisions, the identification of the BPMN revision cannot be performed based on the visual appearance.


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