Thus, the subject of dress and adornment should be of interest to Christians, .. Samuele Bacchiocchi, Christian Dressing and Adornment (Berrien Springs, MI. erspectives. Christian Dress & Adornment by. Samuele Bacchiocchi Essays. by. Laurel Damsteegt. and. Hedwig Jemison. iblical erspectives Appian Way. 10 iblical erspectives Christian Dress & Adornment by Samuele Bacchiocchi Essays by Laurel Damsteegt and Hedwig Jemison iblical erspectives Appian.

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A US-based Ghanaian author, inspirational speaker, leadership trainer, and an advocate for youth empowerment. To contemporary questions and issues. We can generally tell the work a person does by how they dress cf. Thus, the subject of dress and adornment should be of interest to Christians, since our outward appearance may say more about our faith than what we actually say. The issue of dress and adornment should not only be of interest to women. It equally applies to men—especially in our changing times when men are beginning to dress and adorn themselves just as women.

Bodily adornment involves the use of jewelry gold, silver, pearls, etc. In some cases bodily adornment also involves the enhancement, elongation, or diminution of certain parts of the body—lips, butts, eyes, etc.

Because the standards of beauty hence the use of adornment differ from culture to culture, Christians must know how they are to beautify themselves. Are there principles in the Bible to guide a Christian on how to dress? Does the Bible encourage the use of jewelry for bodily adornment? Dictionary Definitions of Key Words: Principles from Garden of Eden. In the Garden of Eden God clothed man with the light of His glory or character.

Clothing reflects the character.

Observe that after sin, it was Adam—not God—who first brought up the issue of clothing:. Have you eaten from the tree which I commanded you not to eat? God was concerned that they had disobeyed His Word and that their relationship with Him had been broken.

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Whereas our first parents were concerned about their external appearance their looksGod was concerned about their inside their hearts. FirstHe dealt with them about the root issue of their hearts–the broken relationship; He gave them the Gospel Gen 3: ThenGod came back to the matter of their clothes. For the world, beauty looks is about the external and physical.

For God, beauty looks is about the internal and spiritual. This seems to be the consistent testimony of samue,e entire Scripture. While jewelry was used in a wide variety of ways in the Bible, consistently the use of jewelry for clothing or bodily adornment was disallowed. There were at least five appropriate usage of jewelry that were not condemned. However, in two instances the Bible is opposed. Appropriate Uses of Jewelry In the Bible.


Use of Jewelry as Currency —to pay for services or valuables. Use of Jewelry as Evidence of Wealth —to indicate economic or financial well-being. The jewelry won by kings and high priests in the Old Testament the priestly garments, diadem, and breastplate symbolized that the priests were holy to God. Thus, adorned priests and kings in the Old Testament pointed to holy work of Jesus Christ—our only holy King and Priest cf. While the Bible accepts some appropriate uses of jewelry temple, currency, kings, high prieststhe Bible, however, consistently condemns two uses of jewelry.

Thus, whenever there was a re-commitment to the Lord, the people put away their ornamental jewelry. The Bible is not against bodily adornment per se, but against the why and the how of self-adornment. In other words, the Bible looks at the reason for bodily adornment the why and the items one uses for bodily adornment the how.

In ancient times bodily ornamentation were associated with pagan worship practices and personal self-decoration for beauty. Among other things, people practiced self-adornment resorting to forms of branding, scarring, cutting or by tattooing, imprinting figures of flowers, leaves, stars, and other fanciful devices on various parts of their person.

It christizn involved certain kinds of hair-cut. Today, bodily ornamentation are mostly rdess self-beautification and sexual appeal. The issue then is why do we do bodily adornment and with what do we do so? What does the Bible say? What Biblical principles should guide Christian adornment? Counsel For Home and the Church: From the above passage, we can discover the following three guidelines:. Christians are called upon to dress modestly kosmios.

It challenges the sexual provocation in dressing. Our dress should be well-ordered. Examples of immodest dressing: Are intimate parts of your body revealed when you bend over or reach for something?

Apply the mirror test. Where would their attention be drawn? bacchiocchj

A Christian woman needs to remember that her charm lies not only in what she reveals but also in what she conceals. A woman who dresses to show her physical and sexual appeal encourages men to treat her as a sex object.

The Principle of Decency. The second general principle is that Christians should dress decently. Its essential meaning is “reverence” or “respect. This principle of decency requires a bt of sensitivity to the culture in which chriztian find ourselves. This principle also calls for the appropriateness of dressing for the different occasions. It is within this principle of decency that one also can talk of neatness, hygiene, etc.

The third general principle on Christian adornment is that Christians be sensible or use common sense in their dressing. How should a pregnant woman dress? How should one dress for hiking, biking, swimming, etc.?

The General Principle in 1 Timothy 2: Modest, decent, and sensible. Bacchicochi general principles are found in v. Expensive or Ostentation Issue of Stewardship. We shall take a look at these later.


Second, the Bible also does not allow the Christian to waste resources in ostentatious or samudle items of clothing.

Christian Dress and Adornment by Samuele Bacchiocchi

This does not mean be cheap! The money can be put to good use. After giving three general principles v. From the above, we learn that the role models for Christians in their adornment are not from Chrisstian, Paris, or New York, but from specific conduct of women of Old.

Christian Dress and Adornment

Later we shall look at how women of old dressed. Also, the required Christian adornment—what every Christian should adorn themselves with are good deeds. In other words, the Christian way to look good–i. General Principles Broad outline: There is another New Testament passage that speaks on the issue of adornment. The apostle Peter wrote about it in 1 Peter 3: Much of what Paul says in 1 Timothy 2 is repeated by Bacchioccbi. We adornkent briefly take a look at it.

Besides 1 Timothy 2, a complementary sets of principles of Christian adornmrnt can be found in 1 Peter 3: In addition, he offered wives a twofold admonition to help them maintain a happy relationship with their husbands, and win them to Christ if they are unbelievers.

Observe again that whereas the context of the first passage 1 Tim 2 is a church setting, the context of the latter 1 Pet 3 is a home setting. Taken together, these two complementary passages teach that the teaching on Christian adornment that applies to both home and church.

Thus, one bacchikcchi take out their jewelry in church and go home or school or work to wear them.

According to Peter, the appropriate Christian adornment—the required Christian adornment should be humility and a submissive spirit.

The Christian way to look good–i. Are all these consistent with the spirit of humility? The second admonition is to have a submissive attitude toward their husbands by maintaining pure and respectful behavior. Is my dressing displaying a submissive spirit christkan the one s I am under—whether at home, work, or school? We know from the two New Testament passages that the use of jewelry for bodily adornment is not acceptable.

In addition, the Bible makes the following adornment as the mandatory requirements for all. We are to adorn ourselves in ajd manner consistent with the following:. It is an effective evangelistic asset. Adornment in the Old Testament. Christian adornment is not only a New Testament teaching.

It is also clearly taught in the Old. After all, they are presented to us as the models we are to emulate.