The Junior DT/1 is a full commercial machine designed for small spaces and tight budgets (relatively speaking). It features high quality parts, a rotary pump, and. This subject of this review is the La Cimbali M21, Junior DT/1 “Casa.” In other words, La Cimbali’s latest, automatic single group, with. The newly updated Junior Casa DT1 is an espresso machine that is designed for the home Model, La Cimbali Junior Casa DT1 1 Group AV\Auto-Volumetric.

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Im not familiar with all the models though. The data is accessible and usable in accordance with our security standards and policies or the equivalent standards of our suppliers or commercial partners. The two supplied portafilters are extremely good for the usual reasons.

Opinions on the La Cimbali Junior?

Chris Coffee Aesthetics 10 Owned for: Positive Product Points Too numerous to list individually. Chris Share Share this post on Digg Del.

Date A-Z Rating Quality. Familiarity breeds precision, and the longer I use the Casa, the more sensitive I am to dialing temps in.

cimbzli Run lots of water though it, don’t let stuff bake on the head and screen, keep the group and everything else clean. Enough with the preamble already. The quick access to the interior demonstrates another quality of well-design commercial equipment: There is no extra cost or commitment to use this service, and you can cancel at any time, it is simply a way to save time and make sure you never run out of your favourite Ringtons products.


Ever consider a grinder upgrade first.

A lot of people find installing the drain line difficult. Because the Cimbali Junior is rated for commercial duty, it has features that distinguish it from many prosumer espresso machines, such as:. Hope this helps, BDL.

Otherwise, from a “Barista” standpoint, the only real hurdle is temping, which is true with any HX. I suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise — afterall, the company has been in business since ! Please contact us on titolare. The big takeaway for a prospective purchaser should be how incredibly well built the M21 is.

Using a lot of water makes things a lot easier. Name Ranking Rich C juhior. What machines are you considering? About ” Where to Buy “.


Seriously nice machine although I still like the heavy use of stainless on my Bezzera. An elegant and classic machine that will challenge any home barista to make the best coffee. To reach Junior’s potential, I needed to raise my barista skills to the next level.

They were intimidating in their requirement for nearly perfect barista skills, or at least I found them so. They represent incredible bang for buck and have had fantastic reviews.


The new Casa is not only user friendly but a real pleasure to operate.

I dont know about the Spatziale machine but boiler machines are a good idea, at least when they have a honking big boiler like a 2L or so. Be realistic with your ratings, and remember that others will be using your review to make purchase decisions.

M21 Junior: traditional coffee machines | La Cimbali

I am new posting to this forum, though I have browsed the archives many times It’s probably 30ish years old, and has had regular use. I learned that getting proper extractions from Junior demands that the barista pay more attention to technique, otherwise there’s a risk of channeling. Trust me and save yourself some aggravation by ordering a few, lighter springs from Chris or your parts supplier right off the bat. Something bad finally happened.

Also, balance the facile temperature control against the consequences of inattention. Frankly, the tallied votes surprised me.

An elegant and classic machine that will challenge any home barista to make the best coffee Rich Westerfield quality: I live coffee Would Buy Again: Best of luck either way. Contacts Where Careers Subscribe to our newsletter.