By popular demand, we welcome Joseph Tainter, USU professor and author of The Collapse Of Complex Societies (free book download here). Author: Joseph Tainter The Collapse of Complex Societies, though written by an archaeologist, will therefore strike a chord Dr. Tainter describes nearly two dozen cases of collapse and reviews more than years of explanations. Collapse of Complex Societies has ratings and 91 reviews. Mark said: Ok, done!Tainter’s work is an opus. How could it be otherwise with a title lik.

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All this is pretty obvious, actually, just prettied up with graphs and attempts at quantification. This was far deeper and nuanced thinking that the standard shallow storyline. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Apr 09, Jani-Petri rated it really liked it. But when more conplex more communities were added that were subject to the same stress surges like drought or invasion, the utility of the system declined.

These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. The middle class in towns, however, was burdened by the cost of colapse obligations. You’ll never convince me Duchamp’s urinal in a museum is vastly superior to an Appalachian woman’s lovely quilt, sorry to say.

A sizable portion of the text is dedicated to refuting “mystical” explanations of collapse. Customers who bought this item also bought. To maintain and expand complexity which is a good strategy when dr.joseph resources are low investment accessible a society must continue to increase the amount of resources available to it to support classes that do not contribute to resource expansion. Sign up to comment.

How could it be otherwise with a title like that? He is an unusually good writer and casts his points generally socketies short, declarative sentences that are easy to follow. This is well trodden ground, from those like Francis Fukuyama who ascribe most development of complex societies to warfare to those with a more anarchist bent, like James C. Dr.josephh 11, Void lon iXaarii rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author makes a review of different theories of breakdown of societies and then, he tried to build his own proposal, with interesting outcomes.


The breadth of its coverage is given order by a model that qualifies, I believe, as one of the covering laws archaeologists comples sought.

Eventually the society will “decline” to a level of lower complexity: Tainter reviews virtually all of the prevailing theories. In dismissing his consideration ov greed, Tainter points out that greed, like the poor, will always be with us. Mais pour cela, il a au moins raison quelque part. Any collapse when it occurs can therefore only be global in scale as we collectively face the taunter scarcity in resources even as greater costs are incurred to procure the dwindling supplies.

Joseph Tainter

In studying Tainter’s work, one develops a teleological definition of the possibility of a “civilization. Review “While the theoretical part of the book is quite remarkable and based on exceptional erudition, I also found the accumulation of the supporting data to be interesting reading.

The comparisons didn’t appear to be “cherry picked” co,lapse they fit the thesis; several other reviewers levied this critique but I didn’t feel the same. This was probably the most interesting part of the book.

Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph A. Tainter

Apr 12, Aaron Arnold rated it it was amazing Shelves: We have to keep investing in complexity even beyond declining returns just to maintain the status quo and not fall behind in economic or military stature, the alternative being demise and subjugation by others.


Why should I share my scoops? We may listen to tunes on a reed flute rather than Bach, and die in our twenties, but at least our marginal returns on investing in complexity will be up! What is the point of building a model? Want to Read saving…. New Studies in Archaeology Paperback: Much is given over to off dominant views and paradigms and collapse and yes and so on and mhm.

Joseph Tainter: The Collapse Of Complex Societies | Zero Hedge

Consumption of all the slack technology provides leads to an irrevocable commitment to complexity and interdependency. Instead, our ancestors who lived as hunter-gatherers never confronted any challenges that required them to think beyond their scoieties and the near term Joseph Tainter, author of the boo.

But other cases, like the Maya, the Western Roman Empire, and Easter Island, are among those situations that do not provide easy explanations.

He has no patience for theories that are overly dependent on the specific nature of each case, a trait that many historians and dr.joseeph would take issue with cf. Our suggestion engine uses more signals but entering a few keywords here will rapidly give you great content to curate.

Learn how to connect your accounts. This is a short, dense, book about a coollapse subject. There’s a wealth of fun polemics and theory and new approaches and tours-de-force against established views of the reasons for the collapses investigated in the book. For the Romans, the empire was essentially founded on conquest.