I’ve post-poned publishing this review of Cung Le’s San Shou: The Complete Fighting System because I kept hoping against hope that he. CUNG LE—kickboxing champion, MMA champion, and former IKF Light Heavyweight Sanshou World Champion—has proven to be one of the best martial. : San Shou: The Complete Fighting System (): Cung Le, Glen Cordoza, Erich Krauss: Books [img] CONTENTS.

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That was my first disappointment of the day. Then I was really disappointed to find out that, after reading articles and play-by-plays online of the fight, one of the worst possibilities happened—Cung Le had lost; he had suffered cuts above both eyes, which left him at a severe disadvantage, and lost by TKO technical knockout. Furthermore, I was at the time preoccupied with training for the 10 th Pan American Wushu Championships, which was my main concern. So while it ruined my day to find out that Cung Le lost, I would have to wait to see the fight some other time, and then afterwards write my thoughts and reflections about it, when I had the free time to do so.

For the sake of conciseness, I will provide a general summary what I saw in the fight without going into details. Surprisingly, in the third round, Cung was actually successfully countering Bisping a lot more despite his injury.

But by the fourth round, it was clear that Bisping was out-striking Le, and the fight finally ended in a TKO. First of all, props to Cung Le. He was clearly at a disadvantage with his eyes, yet he clearly decided to keep on fighting. It takes a lot of strength to continue on doing something, even when you are at a clear disadvantage.

That being said, this does not mean that Cung is infallible; after all, he did lose. As a fighter, he had a couple factors working against him going into this fight, aside from the eye injuries, which I feel was a consequence, albeit indirectly, of these reasons why Cung Le lost his fight, which I will reflect on and address here.

Why Cung Le Lost – Jiayoo Wushu

The interesting thing about these reasons why Cung Le lost is that these factors can also be applied to his past losses, and future losses he may have.

As he has proven in all of his fights, his kicks are scary and a force cugn be reckoned with, which can be attributed to his Taekwondo experience. His wrestling and takedowns are also impressive, which is owed to a combination of his experience in collegiate wrestling and Sanshou. What happened with Scott Smith? He got punched countered and resulted in a TKO. What happened with Wanderlei Silva?


And what happened with Michael Bisping?

Now, what could have allowed all of these defeats to happen in the first place? What could have allowed all his opponents to defeat Cung the way they did? Even in his victories, Cung always had trouble whenever his opponents started closing the distance with punches. And even in his most recent win against Rich Franklin, Franklin was doing a good job of testing Cung with some good boxing.

If he wants to prevent and avoid future misfortunes like this, Cung is going to have to start brushing up on his boxing skills, namely his boxing defense.

When an opponent starts to pressure him with the hands, he needs to start responding a lot more, and a lot quicker, in the same manner. If Cung can establish a good pe with his hands, he will perhaps be closing the biggest hole that his opponents can exploit.

Victory Belt Inc. | Sanshou

When it comes to listing other pitfalls that Cung Le has counting against him as a fighter, there are quite a few to name. Historically, Cung has never been known for his cardio.

In his other two losses, Cung himself even admitted this as a weakness, where he would start off explosively but waste his energy and gas out, consequently leaving him vulnerable.

Every time Cung has lost, there has been a disturbing gap of time in-between fights. When Cung endured his first loss cuhg his MMA career to Scott Smith, a loss he would later avenge, it had been a year since he vacated the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship cunb pursue acting, a title he won with arguably his greatest fight in his MMA career with Frank Shamrock.

In his debut UFC fight with Wanderlei Silva, it had again been over a year since his last fight with the now defunct Strikeforce organization. Now, in this latest fight, this has been the longest time that Cung has been out of the Octagon, nearly two years.

During this time away from fighting, Cung was again busy pursuing his film career, and serving as chief coach to the reality television series The Ultimate Fighter: Compared to other MMA veterans around his age, who have had thirty-some fights or so, this is nothing in terms of experience.


Anyone read Cung Le’s “San Shou: The Complete Fighting System”?

Competitive fighting, especially professional MMA, is not a career one can take lightly; it is a full-time commitment, sanahou constant training and dieting. If Cung still wants to have a chance at being successful in the UFC, he has to start focusing primarily on fighting and become a full-time fighter, and put his side project of a film career on hold.

In the rematch, Cung did not make the same mistake twice. In fact, this may have marked the first time in his MMA career that he was fighting cautiously and reserved, and waited for the right opportunity to capitalize on with a spinning back kick, which would allow him to achieve a TKO on Smith and avenge his first loss.

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Theories regarding this loss are similar to the loss with Scott Smith, saying that Cung may have tired himself out, which makes sense, since again, like before, he had been away from fighting. This goes xanshou to the need for Cung to commit exclusively to MMA, and becoming a full-time fighter again.

If he can do sanshlu, Cung Le just may have solid hope for success in his UFC career, should he choose to pursue it. Cunng have nothing but respect for Cung. He has problems, problems which need to be addressed if he wants to have a higher chance of success in his fighting career.

Whatever direction he chooses to go from here, Cuny wish him nothing but the best. Despite sahshou factors discussed here, Cung Le is, and always has been, a great competitive fighter, in Sanshou or otherwise. And win or lose, we should always respect that. Cung, best wishes to you! I have faith that you will bounce back and continue to not only be a great competitive fighter, but also a great martial artist! In the United States, wushu athletes need to fund their own trips.

My experience in Emei, China, was unforgettable and definitely worth the investment. I spent 8 days in China from Screaming at the top of their lungs, nanquan practitioners are gathering together to yell at the Malkin Athleic Center Why Cung Le Lost: You may also like An Interview with Hsiao Jingying. What Is Your Goal?