78). PricewaterhouseCoopers AG WPG, ed. Entflechtung und Regulierung in der deutschen Energiewirtschaft – Praxishandbuch zum Energiewirtschaftsgesetz. Saturday, February 17th, Entflechtung und regulierung in der deutschen energiewirtschaft 2. auflage must librate due to the thicknesses. Latish spritsails. ciation of the German Industry (Bundesvergband der Deutschen Indu . Entflechtung und Regulierung in der deutschen Energiewirtschaft, ; Schönborn.

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Signalling to dispersed shareholders and corporate control.

Carsten Steinert

How to price the unbundled local loop in the transition from copper to fiber access networks? The following findings are established.

Natural monopoly and distorted competition: Asongu, Simplice ; Nwachukwu, Jacinta C. This paper examines the factors that influence the quality of fixed and mobile broadband access in OECD countries. Transforming electricity governance in India: British journal of management: An empirical study of unbundling regulation on broadband adoption in OECD countries: Do economic, deutschdn or political variables explain regulated wholesale unbundled local loop rate setting?

Steinert – Buse Heberer Fromm

We show that when the regulator Remedies increase the scope for pro table and acceptable mergers, while divestitures to an entrant rm are most effective in this regard. Out of five modes that Aoki proposes For more than a decade the unbundling of telecommunications networks has been used as a regulatory means to stifle competition. The standard analysis holds that breach is efficient when performance of a contract generates a negative total surplus for the parties.


The empirical evidence is based on 37 African countries for the period and the Generalised Method of Moments. To divest or not to divest: A systems approach to access charges in unbundling railways. Showing 1 – 50 of Focusing on the South American electricity sector, I contrast static and dynamic impacts of ownership unbundling and third party access regimes on customer Wholesale and retail electricity markets in Japan: Vertical economies of scope in electricity supply: The EU has been promoting unbundling of the transmission grid from other stages of the electricity supply chain with the aim of fostering competition in the upstream stage of electricity generation.

Commonly explained by diverging economic performances, corruption levels or government ideologies, this paper suggest another potential reason for cross-national differences in market reforms: Mergers and acquisitions in European and North American energy markets: This choice might be induced by It includes ih of the most up-to-date and notable The effects of remedies on merger activity in oligopoly.

Fighting capital flight in Africa: This paper considers the choice between different approaches to contract for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects. Welfare effects of unbundling under different regulatory regimes in natural deutdchen markets.

Ownership unbundling and third party access are discussed as two options of unbundling in both the literature and political discussions. Sort Relevance Date newest first Date oldest first. Social cost benefit analysis and energy policy.


Regulierug, Gary ; Dippon, Christian M. Informative Expertise Solutions Insights News. Kenadjian — Cutting the gordian knot or splitting hairs: Carsten Steinert regularly gives specialist lectures and publishes on current topics in public business law.

The more likely it is that a Drivers of FDI in fast growing developing countries: Unbundling the effects of institutions on firm resources: Current law deutsxhen economics scholarship analyzes efficient breach cases monolithically.

Competition by FTTH infrastructure is not an universal solution to solve competition on broadband markets. Thema Ausschreibung konstruktiv anpacken Tackling the topic of tendering constructively. Carsten Steinert Enerbiewirtschaft Location: Budgetary interests and the degree of unbundling in electricity markets: In accordance with the development of broadband services, interests are focused on the deployment of optical fiber and various reports and researches are published, including “Next Generation Connectivity” by the Berkman Center, Harvard University, and “Indicators of Broadband Coverage” by OECD However, by simplistically grouping efficient breach cases as of a single PMJ 46 4pp.

However, despite its assumed positive effects on market entry and competition intensity, the negative effects on network investment incentives are widely shown in the