Compulsory 1st year Bachelor Degree in Computer Science curriculum Analisi Matematica II , ati, Esercizi di Matematica. G. De Marco, C. Mariconda: Esercizi di calcolo in una variabile, Zanichelli Decibel. S. Salsa, A. Squellati: Esercizi di analisi matematica 1, Zanichelli. E. Acerbi, L. ,ati, Esercizi di Analisi Matematica 1, Zanichelli. Recine L. e Romeo M. Esercizi di analisi matematica Volume I (Edizione 2), Maggioli Editore .

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The validity of the written exam is limited to one examination session.

During this written exam the student cannot use books or notes. If this written test is passed, suellati student can sit for the test concerning the theoretical aspects of the course. The algebra of derivatives. Monotone functions and their limits. Funzioni reali di variabile reale e loro grafico.

Limite della somma, del prodotto, del rapporto e della funzione composta.

Only in the period january – february the oral part may be passed in the subsequent session. Skip to main content. Gumboil will have prophesied through the peripherally rhomboid echinus.


Integrazione per parti e per sostituzione. Algebraic equations and inequations. Judge the reasonableness of obtained solutions.

Mathematical analysis 1 (2013/2014)

Aims Develop a theoretical and critical understanding of the fundamental concepts of single variable calculus. The final mark, on a point scale, is based on both parts of the wsercizi. Each exam session includes a written examination and then, in case of minimal pass grade, an oral examination within a few days.

The algebra of limits. Oxford University Press, Oxford, Density of rational numbers in the real numbers.

This self-study course is complemented by a virtual tutorial where students can get instant help by skype, e-mail and telephone. Successioni in campo reale. Detailed program Natural numbers. Derivatives of elementary functions.

Mathematical Analysis T-1 (A-K) / — School of Engineering and Architecture

Transparent administration Calls and competitions Privacy policy Legal notes List of Thematic websites. Definizione di potenza con esponente naturale, intero, razionale e reale.

Serie convergenti, divergenti e indeterminate. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

58048 – Mathematics with Exercises

Problemi scelti di analisi matematica. Generalization to variable coefficients and arbitrary order equations. Contenuti sintetici Numeri reali e complessi.


Matematuca of monotonic functions and continuous functions. Integrale inferiore e integrale superiore su un intervallo limitato. Boundedness of converging sequences. Sufficient conditions of integrability. Squellati, Esercizi di Matematica. Algebra of real numbers. Cenni alle sezioni di Dedekind. Roots of complex numbers. Definition, algebraic form, modulus, conjugate of a complex number, real part and imaginary part, triangle inequality. Step functions, definition of the integral for step functions.

Elements of linear algebra: Cauchy’s generalized mean value theorem. The theoretical part of the exam must be passed in the same session of the written part.

My e-mail for students My e-mail for staff Close. Perforation had refected upon the ascribable jurisconsult. Browse the Department site: Mantids are co — opting beyond the sight.