of Forge World models that should be considered Lords of War choices and may therefore be taken using the IA: Aero = Imperial Armour: Aeronautica. IA1 2nd. 22 Products Shop at Noble Knight Games for Imperial Armour (Forge World) by Forge World – part of our Full Inventory collection Imperial Armour – Aeronautica. Imperial Armour: Aeronautica (Warhammer 40, Games Workshop Forge World). Author: ISBN: Type: ISBN. Format: Hardcover. Condition.

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Start of add to list layer. Imperial Armour – Apocalypse 1st Edition. With 6th Edition out the door and no Imperial Guard Codex expected anytime soon, Forge World released an update to Volume One which includes updated rules for all of the tanks and super-heavy vehicles available to the Imperial Guard.

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Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. About the only positive outcome was that the Traitor Titans lost more than the Loyal Titans.

Those new units include the Night Shrouda new Cronssant imperizl a black-hole bomb; a Tesseract Ark, basically a Catacomb Command Barge that also has a black-hole bomb; the Tomb Sentinel, a new Tomb Stalker variant with a big old gun; and updates for the already-released minis, like the Tomb Stalker and Canoptek Acanthrites. The rules for Apocalypse are very similar to the old ones, but they changed the chart up a bit, and made some adjustments to structure points, as aeronajtica structure point is worth three hull points now.

Imperial Armour 5 – The Siege of Vraks 1.

Item is complete unless noted. Fair Very well used, but complete and useable. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. The Elysian Drop Troops ‘ army list gets updated see our tactica for fifth edition in this volume, and the Wold get a new heavily-mechanized list variant, the Dred Mob.

Search anything and hit enter. Imperial Armour 4 – The Anphelion Project. The delegation finds that, while Taros is meeting its mineral quotas to the local Forge Worldit seems to be mining much more without growing its stockpiles; they discover that the planetary governor has been cutting a deal with the Tau.

They destroy the leadership, and the Grey Knights clear out the deepest levels of the citadel and finally close the warp portal. Imperial Armour is a series of books written by Forge World the company to promote their Warhammer 40, models.


Imperial Armour 6 – The Siege of Vraks 2. This book is where most of the Apocalypse units for Orks now come from. Sell one like this. Imperial Armour – The Siege of Vraks. May have medium sized creases, scuff marks, very small stain, etc. Unfortunately, they weren’t counting on Lord Arkos of the Alpha Legion showing up.

It is also sometimes referred to as Imperial Armour In addition to the vehicle data sheets this book also provides you with the wargear and special rules unique to the terrifying airborne war engines of the 41st Millennium. The Adeptus Mechanicus decide that it would be a good idea to keep a zoo of Tyranids on Beta Anphelion Fofge, in aedonautica to study them and learn how to fight them better.

Views Read Edit View history. This would mark the beginning of Forge World’s blatant favoritism for the obscure Chapter.

Imperial Armour

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter armourr opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a rorge window or tab. These include super-heavy vehicles such as the Imperial Banebladespecialised variants of standard vehicles such as Tau Empire Hammerhead Gunships modified to carry different turret weapon configurationsaircraft, immobile defenses, and non-combatant vehicles.

Fire Warrior video game.

The Engineers manage to mine and collapse a whole section of the fortress wall, and the Kriegers surge into the gap. Languages Italiano Edit links. The Imperium disagrees once they find out about thisand decides that the fastest way to bring Xaphan to heel is with the Death Korps of Krieg.

In response, Segmentum Command sends their own Titan legion and Imperial Navy support, as well as reinforcements for the Kriegers. They are essentially Imperial Guard with some Space Marine support aeronauticca Marines with meat-shields, depending on your perspective and play-style. The Death Korps gets a new Assault Miperial army list which is very similar to the Siege Brigade army list, with a number of somewhat-important differences — see our tacticawhereas the Necrons get the Dark Harvest quasi-army list; it has some changes to units including Necron Lords and Lychguardand Flayed Ones can be taken as Troops, but most of the “new” units can be taken for the main book as well.

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Imperial Armour 7 – The Siege of Vraks 3. In particular, lots of Berserkers and Plague Marines arrive, and then the Chaos Titans and flyers come in to attack the Krieg lines from the rear.


Enough time has passed that Forge World has to update the rules for old models and release rules for new ones. Imperial Armour 11 – The Doom of Mymeara. With the citadel itself in view, the Kriegers prepare to mount their final assault, when Inquisitor Hector Rex shows up and assumes direct control — it seems that the taint of Chaos is even worse than any had expected An upcoming volume, also unnumbered because apparently GW lost count of how many IA books they’ve made now. CDs, access codes etc Very minimal damage to the cover including scuff marks, but no holes or tears.

Views Read Edit View history.

Thanks for your question. Also included is an Apocalypse rules appendix, updated for the 6th edition of Warhammer 40, Most of the vehicles included are Leman Russ variants and artillery pieces that were absorbed into the next Imperial Guard codex this book was written back in 3rd Editionand the other vehicles Baneblade variants, Imperial Navy flyers, and support vehicles have all been included in later Imperial Armour volumes — note that this is the only volume not sold by Forge World any more, although a new edition has been released see below.

The Imperial Armour range and rules supplements are designed to incorporate vehicles referred to in the fiction and background material produced for the Warhammer 40, fictional universe, but not included in the Codexes due to a variety of reasons.

May show very small spine creases or slight corner wear. Every item in our inventory has been inspected, very strictly graded, and bagged for its protection.

The book itself is broken down into a datasheet section which updates the units over ramour 6th edition, a campaign section for using primarirly flyers with some ground troops and an Apocalypse appendix which updates the rules for Super Heavy play. Under Inquisitor Rex’s command, the siege around the citadel is sealed tight, and the Kriegers tighten the noose.

Eventually, the remnants of his forces flee into the Maelstrom.