The legendary coastal city of Carsall existed two centuries ago – before it vanished beneath the waves, reputedly at the hands of an angry sea god. Stories of the. Title, Review: GA1: The Murky Deep. Related To, GA1: The Murky Deep. Book Type, Review: RPG. Genre, Fantasy. Setting, Generic. System, AD&D 2. GA1 The Murky Deep – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Here, the PCs fight off dozens of drow clerics, magic-users, and fighters. Cookies are little nuggets of information that web servers store on your computer to make it easier for them to keep track of your browsing session.

This module contains a challenging setting as well as an original scoring system and an assortment of pre-rolled characters for adventuring. You swam for your life to this mysterious island, losing most of your provisions in the process, only to find it barren of all but grass. Stories of the ancint lost city of Carsail and its fabulous artifacts are legendary.

For example, at loot. Recently, however, Whispering Widow Woods has grown much more sinister. Together we may seek to bring mankind the lost wonder of the awtawmatawn. Also included are large- scale referee’s maps, playing aids, notes, and background information.

At the conclusion of the battle, the PCs discover in their possession some strange magic items that serve as transportals to Lolth’s home plane, the layer of the Abyss, the dreaded Demonweb Pits.

The Murky Deep (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module GA1)

Are they clever enough to unravel a scheme far more sinister than simple theft? Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Twitter.

Escort a troublesome Prophet and the relic he carries on a dangerous overland journey in the adventure, Honor Guard. Still, The Land ,urky the Magic Mirror may easily be played on its own, and should offer hours of excitement in its strange landscape! All is in readiness: Everyone agrees that a drastic change is needed for the kingdom to survive.


The current council is well-meaning but hopelessly incompetent. All the clues suggest that the sacred object was carried into the heart of nearby Blackweed Swamp. Your friend reaches down and gives a tug, and the door swings slowly open on creaking hinges, revealing a descending stair. You can use this adventure alone, or as the conclusion of the series.

The Murky Deep (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module GA1)

It mury a tournament scoring system and a team of 10 characters of levels Here are important guidelines on how to design a tournament for your own use, as well as, scoring sheets and other useful aids for running a tournament. Mukry cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date. You will take the first steps toward returning the lost king to the throne.

Players, even novices, will always surprise you. Once there, the PCs are given the opportunity to remove Lolth permanently from their campaign, for demons or devils killed on their home plane are permantly destroyed. The module climaxes with an epic battle with Lolth’s avatar. A touch of whimsy makes this latter adventure unique, A special collection of RPGA adventures for character levels For generations the rumors, the strange noises, and the gloomy, tangled undergrowth have scared off the faint of heart.

The Murky Deep (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module GA1) by Norm Ritchie | LibraryThing

Is this any place to go, searching for a lost boy? A activation email has been sent to you. The Fire Giant was perhaps their greatest foe. Now their standards of excellence are presented to help the aspiring designer organize and create his own tournaments. Curators and the adventure’s author will then be able to incorporate your requested changes fhe the adventure.

Now, the clerics of a seaside town have proven that some unusual items are indeed from the long forgotten city, but two priests and a mysterious stranger are missing. My brother was thinking it was some mathematical formula I eventually want to start them on a campaign, but this tournament module was a great warm-up.


This module was first conceived by E. The adventure that began in the Temple of Elemental Evil now sweeps southward across the Wild Coast and into the desolate lands of the inhuman Pomarj. It has an “EX” designation to indicate that it is an extension of a regular dungeon level. This product contains the completely revised Aerie of the Slavelords series of adventures.


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Hours of adventure and excitement lie between these covers. You and mury fellow adventurers have been recruited to root out and destroy the source of these raids.

This module contains a challenging scenario for experienced players, the tournament scoring system, and nine fully-equipped, playtested tournament characters.

I’d surmise that the “GC” stands for Greyhawk Castle. A biting wind from the north drives through your wet clothes, chilling you to the bone.

Also included herein are background information, a large-scale referee’s map, referee’s notes, and new monsters and descriptions for an added taste of excitement. The ancient Prophecy of Brie foretells that in Pellham’s darkest hour, a king from the past will return to restore the kingdom. Go to our Sales Site. All humans, one of each of the major character classes.

We never store sensitive information about our customers in cookies. It was too high-level, and pretty dull, actually.