Buy Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain Reprints by George Monbiot (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. Big business is carving up the UK. This century’s defining battle will be between democracy and corporate culture, writes George Monbiot in his. Nicholas Lezard feels his blood boil at corporate barbarism after reading George Monbiot’s Captive State: the Corporate Takeover of Britain.

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Welcome to Peace Newsthe newspaper for the UK grassroots peace and justice movement.

We seek to oppose all forms of violence, and to create positive change based on cooperation and responsibility. A long road ahead then, butat least mapped and made so much more comprehensible by Monbiot’s Manifesto of Multinational Malevolence.

That’s not really a fair reference – whilst the book makes compelling reading and calls for some response, Monbiot avoids painting a cliche’d picture of corporate greed and sticks to rational political analysis and a clear stats of information.


Captive State

Is it a turn of the millennium thing that so many writers are claiming to define our age? A criticism of Captive State has been that it hypes its exposure of corporate intrusion as breaking new ground whilst this is not necessarily so.

Just think of all those public institutions that exist through the generosity, or quiet co-option, of Victorian benefactors. Czptive is there any new power play under the sun anyway?

Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain

On every occasion they emerge with a prescription for corporate rule. Captive State is about the very fabric of life in Britain now, and I only wish it were fiction. Copyright Peace News – See our reprint policy.

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George Monbiot, ‘Captive State’ | Peace News

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Captive State – George Monbiot

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