Documents Similar To Jerry Bergonzi – Vol.5 – Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies. Gary Campbell – Expansions. Uploaded by. Andre Linoge. Jerry BergonziVol 2 – . Regarding Volume 5 of Bergonzi’s Thesaurus of Intervallic melodies. What jerry suggested to me to start this book was take the first ten pages. Jazz theory and patterns by the saxophone master.

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What jerry suggested to me to start this book was take the first ten pages and sing them over a C major triad, then over E major and Ab triads then some minor triads, this way the ear accepts the harmony rub. I highly recommend this book.

I loved his 1st book – Melodic Structures – and the one on Pentatonics, but just couldjn’t get myself to dive into the Intervallic Melodies. Clarinet is even more insane in that regard. All times are GMT.

I use the book most often for pitch exersizes. I think that should help you dial in a little bit better with this book.

I would stick with the same line and then went it went to the next track and key I would sing the line again over the new key.

Unfortunately Jerry isn’t a personal friend so I can’t actually get him to clarify; perhaps he’d like to post here. It kinda opened my ears big time with his chordal stuff I do on piano. I’m assuming it’s random. I also get students to think more rhythmically by having them improvise their own rhythms over the line Bergonzi provided.

Thanks, I’ll take another look and bear in mind Tim’s comments. And also, just making me open up to different places to go. The time now is Am I missing something? I mentioned this book a fews years back and didnt get many responses either.

  IEC 61754-7 PDF

Anyhow it’s a great book it makes a lot of sense and I hope what i said helps. The problem with this book, and this is common in music books, is that it’s impossible, beryonzi least for an average bear like me, to know what is supposed to be going on.

Jerry Bergonzi – Vol.5 – Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies

I pay attention to the tone of each note and making them the same. Are you still finding it valuable? Thread Thesautus Show Printable Version.

From the first ten pages The last thing I need is another unused book to add to the pile. Kind Regards to you All, Kenfen. Ok – I think I decyphered his code, but that just raises more questions. All times are GMT.

Also, I don’t see the connection between creating up lines using this technique and soloing over chords. You also have a set of letters and numbers at the top of the page and then a whole different set above every set of 4 or 5 notes. Jerry described to me that the book is good for not only improving your technique and sight reading, but also breaking finger habits which we all have and developing a different approach to pitch retention.

That seems to work for me for now.

Jerry Bergonzi – Vol.5 – Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies – Free Download PDF

Once you know the “ins-and-outs” of a few, it could help you ears alot–or at least you berglnzi have a few “bursts” of “out” stuff you could blast out, in certain solo ocassions. I’ll sit with a tuner and play each note in a line VERY slowly and make every pitch “spot on” from the second it sounds.


The time now is You dont need to memorize or work on ALL of them. Hi, I can’t believe no one is using this book? It’s an acquired taste. I recommend getting it still.

Inside Improvisation Series, Vol. 5: Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies: Book & CD

You know like all the intervals you hate on clarinet. Results 1 to 15 of I’m a bit slow on understanding the layout and I wonder if anyone is working in this book that has a full understanding of what’s going on? He also suggested as you play these, key in on the intervals that you like, think of it as an intervallic highway non patterns, then try over the open vamps take some lines and play them across the theaaurus then even try it through a blues like for instance there are some play alongs in the back.

This is really important with my doubles. Regarding Volume 5 of Bergonzi’s Thesaurus of Intervallic melodies. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The codes like “F11” are used to describe a pattern to play: LOL Well, I figured it out finally. You could really get the sound of a chromatic-type thesauruz in you merry, then later you could play around with it, changing it or making up your own line. It’s been a big help to me, plus having jerry as a friend so I can just get into this book o by knowing him and asking him stuff when I hit the wall.