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Jis b pdf. DownloadJis b pdf. Free Pdf Download Computer Experience. Intermediate Location Minnesnowta Type 3 JDBC Driver BDP-BX1 S Find the most up-to-date version of JIS B at Engineering the Appendix 11 of JIS B (Construction of pressure vessel — General . JIS B. (Pressure vessels–General standard) or standards.

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Product Information and Lineup

The allowable tensile stress of weld zones shall be the value that is obtained multiplying the figures calculated using the Article 3 or the Article 4 by the efficiency of jie welded joint.

If there is a significant difference of elongation between the base metal of the test plate and that of the weld assembly or between the weld assembly and weld metals, the mechanical test may be performed by the appropriate one of the procedures specified below:.

Type of welded joint. 82700


The radiographic examination referred to in the exceptive clause of the preceding paragraph shall cover an area extending over at least 1. The efficiency of any welded joint in the preceding paragraph shall be equal to the appropriate one of the values specified in the right column of the following table for different types of welded joints listed in the left column thereof: Workmanship and Hydraulic Tests Section 1.

No hole may be made in any weld zone including the adjacent areas within 6 mm from the edges of the welded metal. Efficiency of Welded Joints 1.


827 For test plates less than 19 mm in thickness, longitudinal face bend and longitudinal root bend tests may be substituted for face bend and root bend tests, respectively.

Welding of any parts which are liable to significant bending stress shall be avoided.

Scope The welding of the any parts of First Class pressure vessels that jls subject to pressure shall be in accordance with the provisions in this section unless such parts are free of any stress other than compressive one. However, this does not apply to those weld zones that have passed radiographic examination. For test plates iis less than 19 mm in thickness, longitudinal root bend tests may be substituted for root bend tests except in examining double-butt-welded test plates, for which a longitudinal face bend test may be used in place of a face bend test.


Root bend test which may be replaced by a face bend test in examining double-butt-welded test plates. Holes in Weld zones 1. Welding shall be made in such a way that the weld zones have necessary strength for safety.