Study the Japanese characters with James Heisig’s “Remembering the Kanji” method, and review with kanji flashcards. In the book these kanji are taught using stories. These kanji are learned the fastest if you read the book as well. Warning: in many cases the key meanings in . Thinking about writing a flashcard program with this index data? Take a look at Reviewing the Kanji. This is the site I use for my own Heisig studies.

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Description This deck has the same content as this deck: The only hesiig between these decks is the default order of learning. This deck has the new index as in the new edtion of the RTK book 6th editionbased aknji this source: Therefore you can just keep that default order and don’t need to suspend kanji outside Jouyou list as I recommended with the old deck.

Anyway, if you want me to improve something with the deck, feel free to leave a comment: It’s better to use this deck as a companion with the RTK book, so buy the book to support it if you can: Sample from notes Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them.

If you’d like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.

This story cannot end well Hannibal-the cannibal-Lecter would like to eat. Koohii Story 2 “This is a specially hand-crafted wooden bowl. If you turn is over, you can see the address of the craftsman on the bottom. At this time, it is not possible to add shared decks directly to your AnkiWeb account – they need to be added from the desktop then synchronized to AnkiWeb. AnkiWeb Log in Sign up. This deck has the same content as this deck: One thing to look out for: And kamji probably don’t want to suspend that one.

The more i got used to Anki and to customizing things, the more effective use of this deck i could do. This deck heisug amazing. People with sort order problems: Ordering will be perfect Heisig after that. This is my template for this deck: The keywords from Remembering the Kanji are not used as kahji hints in this deck, like they were in the previous version of this deck.

Instead, you are given completely different words to what the book uses. This leads to confusion during study, which ruins the whole purpose of RTK. The last version of this deck was good, but this should not be used along with the book. On top of this, the cards that were added to this version heiisig lacking any of the information the rest of the cards have, including mnemonics, definitions, example words.

This was a very lazy update to what used kxnji be a great deck. But I can not recommend this version. I can already see that it is not in the correct order. I’m not sure how to contact you except to leave a comment here. Then I dumped your cards and wrote a little something to compare the two. The difference between ‘affix’ and ‘post a bill’ seems to be the sort of thing that was edited in for clarity, as an example.


So it may be impossible to prevent some commenters from getting their panties in a bunch over keyword differences, but the bulk of the errors are genuine mistakes like missing keywords. And even more discrepencies come from this pack having entries that are not contained in the book. I see they ARE on your google docs spreadsheets, though? So perhaps they come knaji later volumes of the book.

I’ll watch to see if you fix this up yourself, otherwise you may not still be maintaining kajji and I’ll see if I can release a fixed version myself. Please ignore any of the dislikes on this deck – they’re from people who don’t have the mental capacity to understand the basics of using Anki. This deck is excellent quality and heusig more than everything you need.

The only complaint I would have is that the creator possibly doesn’t understand fully the way the RTK method works and his main version is sorted by common usage instead which while being useful defeats the point of using mnemonics to learn in batches.

However this issue is of course fixed with this version. The most common complaints and simple ksnji are: The people here raving about how great this deck is clearly haven’t read Heisig’s book. First of kanmi, the kanji is on FRONT, english on back, which is a great way heisiv learn how to read and write. All you have to do is edit the card layout, no biggie, right? None of the indexes are correct. I have RTK 6th edition hiesig in front of me right now, and these orderings are all over the place after the first The keywords often differ from Heisig’s keywords again, got heiisg 6th edition right here!

Idk why someone would spend all this time adding thousands of cards containing this many mistakes. Keyword to Kanji I’m also having a similar issue as another person with customisation as I wish to only review the cards from the keyword to the kanji as Heisig very explicitly points out. If this were simply my hiesig and I was easily able to change these settings in Janji, then could I please be informed, and the review would rightfully be changed to 5 stars.

Problems with customization I’m currently using this deck along RTK but I can’t delete the recognition cards no matter what. In the RTK it’s stressed that you should only study from keyword to kanji and that’s geisig I want to do with the deck but I can’t find a way. Please create first a new type of heeisig and I can’t do anything: Frequent errors; and not designed for RTK I used this deck for a while, but it contains numerous errors and omissions — enough to make me worry about anything I learn using it.

There’s a lot of other data in this deck which is useful. Some of it — like the definitions — is far too voluminous to belong on a card for any kind of spaced repetition.

See the “minimum information heisit discussed in the Anki manual, and in the Supermemo article the manual links to. I haven’t been looking closely at any of that other information because I haven’t been using it; I’d worry that it also contains a lot of errors. Fortunately, if you’re studying the kanji following Heisig’s method as described in RTK, you don’t need most of that information — just accurate copies of Heisig’s numbering and keywords, with the kanji and the stroke counts.


For that, the deck hejsig the Kanji writings ” is excellent. This is absolutely amazing! If you’re having trouble disabling the recognition deck search for this: All in one Kanji – RTK order new edition ” “card: Recognition” Then you can disable those cards until you’re ready. Totally agree with the creator, use this in tandem with the book.

How to Learn Kanji: A visual study method for Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji

The decks is really great. It has a great amount of info, and even heisog mnemonics to help learn the kanji. However, I do have one problem, that the stroke order only show the kanji, and not the actual order. That also makes the recall cards much less effective since you don’t actually know how to write the kanji.

Other than that, the deck is fantastic. Card Order Hey, how can I learn the cards in the order they are supposed to reviewed? After downloading all cards they are mixed up when sorting after Due. Even cards with tags like “” do not have the correct order to learn. Is that a beginner fault in anki? Nobody seems to have the same issue with this deck. What am I doing wrong? Nevertheless impressive work, you’re a great help for the community. Heisug deck, I couldn’t have done this without it.

But there are still a lot of kanji that doesn’t have a keyword and aren’t featured in the RTK volume 3.

Koipun – How to learn Kanji: A visual method with Heisig’s RTK

I’m a little confused as what I should do with them. I couldn’t find anything on Koohii forums about it either. Again, thanks for the amazing deck! Great deck If you do not like this deck, your issue is more with customizing Anki than with the deck itself.

You can also suspend cards that have the kanji on the front through the deck browser. Please ignore the 3 star review someone left. To the reviewer below: Thanks for telling us to become familiar with Anki, saying it’s really easy, and then not telling us how to actually do it.

Fantastic deck Huge thanks to the author for making this deck and keeping it updated with the new RTK. It has every possible piece of information you could want about your Kanji and multiple tags to let you sort the list according to your needs.

I really appreciate the immense amount of work that went into making this deck.

It was of huge help in my Kanji studies. A big thumbs up to the creator. To the kanni below and anyone with a similar issue, I highly recommend getting more familiar with using Anki. It allows very thorough customization, especially with well prepared decks like this one.

You can easily change the cards to only ask you for the recognition part of the Kanji. There is no need heisgi keep the “Recall” cards in the deck, if you don’t consider them useful.