Precautions for CE Markings Keyence confirms that the LS Series . LS- Photoelectric Sensor or Proximity Sensor Timing input signals are sent. Find great deals for 1 PC KEYENCE Ls CCD Laser Micrometer. Shop with confidence on eBay!. LS High-performance controller. Visible measurement pointController with Target Viewer. High-durability CCD . The LS Series measures the outer diameter of a fiber continuously and .. E-mail: [email protected]

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The remote control console does not operate. Page Chapter 5 Function Settings 5 Keyencw result of statistical processing is displayed. Outline and Features of LS Series Don’t see a manual you are looking for?

Use this mode if there is a workpiece size change with the deviations tolerances unchanged. TR Cables Used to connect the transmitter and receiver. Bottom Hold The minimum value during keyejce period specified is displayed and output. See pageThe measured value displayed drifts. Page 22 Chapter 1 Getting Started Functions and Nomenclature The following section provides information on the functions and nomenclature of the controller and measuring head.

Or point us to the URL where the manual keyencf located. Therefore, the target may enter the measuring area from any direction as shown below.

KEYENCE LS-7600 User Manual

Page 51 Chapter 4 Operation Control This section provides information on setting control items on the control panel while the LS Series is in measurement operation. If the number of edges detected does not coincide with the set value, the measured value kegence be invalidated. See pageCheck that the target is not leaned or Locate the target correctly in the shifted.

Chapter 8 RSC Setup Serial ,s-7601 The following section provides information on command formats that are used to make setting changes. If any models or samples were shown to Buyer, such models or samples were used merely to illustrate the general type and quality of the Products and not to represent that the Products would necessarily conform to said models or samples.


Value specified with the area check function turned ON. The input values are entered and the cursor moves to AREA. Area Selection Area When a target is located in the measuring area as shown below, the light into the receiver is partly obstructed, thus creating a shadow.

See page RSC communications are not possible. Then the LS Series will start sampling after a certain time period i. The measured value will be displayed gray when the LS Series stands by. Page Chapter 10 Troubleshooting Error Messages The following section explains error messages that will be displayed if the LS Series has errors while in operation.

Tips If the calibration conditions are not satisfied, ERR1 will be displayed. The backlight will be OFF if there is no key input for 10 minutes. T1-A will be lit.

1 PC KEYENCE Ls-7601 CCD Laser Micrometer

It is such a versatile model that it has a wide range of applications including in-line measurement and offline measurement. This section provides information on the overview of program settings and setting methods. Page 9 Configuration of Manual Chapter 1 Getting Started 1 Provides information on precautions and necessary preparations required.

This range varies with the display unit or minimum display unit setting. This function is convenient for zero-point calibration for a variety of targets.

Used Keyence LS, LSM for sale by Optical Innovations Inc. |

Chapter 3 Easy Setting Guide Measurement of Movement and Positioning In the following example, the ketence or position of the workpiece is measured.

Display Description Measuring head error ERROR-0 ERROR-1 This error message will be displayed if the connector to the measuring head is changed, the measuring head is not connected correctly, or there is a failure in the measuring head or connection cable.

A change in the ambient operating temperature may result in measurement errors. Please try keywnce search again later. The cursor moves to HEAD. See questions and answers. Calibration setting error Remedy Check the wiring of the connection cable. Appendix-2 Setting Record Sheet Possible Output Settings The following output settings are possible.


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If only a single measuring head is used, connect the cable to the HEAD1 connector. Program can be copied to other programs.

KEYENCE LS User Manual | pages

Page Chapter 10 Troubleshooting Problem The measured value is not displayed. Chapter 6 Environment Settings This section provides information on environment settings that include RSC interface settings along with basic operation settings and changes.

LS Response H q cr Output number 0: Furthermore, MEA-Mode combinations allow the measurement of a variety of values, such as maximum and minimum values. Chapter 5 Function Settings 5 The result of statistical processing is displayed. If the AC power supply stand is used, turn off the AC power supply stand while connecting the cables.

The range of values used for judgment is called a tolerance. If the measured value exceeds the range of the Y-axis of the graph, the value will be displayed as the maximum or minimum value in the Y-axis direction. Get fast, free kegence with Amazon Prime. It is possible to make calibration settings for each area independently. Page 42 Chapter 3 Easy Setting Guide Measurement of Outer Ps-7601 and Width with Single Measuring Head In ,eyence following example, a single measuring head is used to measure the outer diameter of an object in one direction.

The average value during the sampling period specified is displayed and output. Tips Communication settings for the RSC interface vary with the peripheral device to be connected or the type of output desired.