Liber LXI vel Causae: The preliminary lection including the history lection [ Aleister Crowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Liber LXI vel Causae. A.’. A.’. The Preliminary Lection including the History Lection. by CROWLEY, Aleister ]. and a great selection of similar Used, New and . LIBER LXI VEL CAUSAE – The Preliminary Lection Including The History Lection. 6 Sections – Section 1, Introductory – The Order – Text Number.

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But in this, as in all other effort to name it, is the root of every falsity and misapprehension, since cwusae words imply some duality.

In fact, one is seeking the Whole, both upright and averse, and not simply the Highest.

The adept who wrote this added that the Order had already quite enough knowledge to enable it or its members to formulate a magical link with the adepts. The temple must be builded before the God can indwell it.

Liber LXI vel Causae

Not to veil the truth to the Neophyte, but to warn him against valuing non-essentials. Especially let him guard against the finding of definite sectarian symbols in the teaching of his master, and the reasoning from the known to the unknown which assuredly will tempt him. One may see this as becoming the Bride of Christ, and another may see this as being pierced by a Divine sword; one may see this as a blinding Light, and another as a joyful Darkness.

Whosoever knows any member of that Order as such, can never know another, until he too has attained to mastery. There is, however, no unreality in the vision. That is, they do not constitute Illumination itself, but they often accompany Illumination. Conversely, many of the causwe, worries, and fears that plague the Mystic will fall away or seem petty in contrast to this Mystic communion.

Liber LXI vel Causae

The descriptions of these Mystic states are, therefore, simply to be used as guideposts along the Path, not as absolutes to construct an intellectual system around. Returning to England, he laid his achievements humbly at kxi feet of a certain adept D. The Wand To Cross the Abyss, one must surrender all that one has and all that one is.


The incidents of life become a harmonious unity; one is lost in a rosy dream of romantic happiness. Hear then the history of the system which this lection gives you the opportunity of investigating.

It is helpful to remember that this is only the middle pylon along the Path, and that the true Unitive Life has still not been achieved. This is why Buddhists meditate in the presence libr decaying corpses. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is the intelligence or intuition of what Jechidah [True Self] wishes to discover about itself.

They therefore who had with smiling faces abandoned their homes, their possessions, their wives, their children, in order to perform the Great Work, could with steady calm and firm correctness abandon cxusae Great Work itself: This site uses cookies.

Also He conferred upon D. This is the faculty of under-standing the Word of Chiah [True Will].

In the Order, with two certain exceptions and two doubtful ones, he found no persons prepared for initiation of any sort. New and revised rituals were issued, and fresh knowledge poured out in streams. It is typical of a Mystic at this Stage to think that she will never again see herself as separate from the Divine, that she will always be one with her True Will, that she is perfected, but the time always comes where this Illumination slowly fades away. Uniqueness of this Experience: We must pass over the unhappy juggleries which characterized the next period.

Unsuitable candidates were admitted for csusae better reason than that of their worldly prosperity. Things seems to fall into place without much or any effort. He [must] complete the formation of himself as an image of the All.

One is not blinded to the facts of existence. Book 4, Part IIchapter 6: Obviously, they miss the music. For the reading of that which follows is Recorded. Subdue thy fear and thy disgust. Listen, we pray you, with attention: The flesh profiteth nothing; the mind profiteth nothing; that which is unknown to you and above these, while firmly based upon their equilibrium, giveth life. It is simply that the normal incoherence and discrepancy between them has been harmonized. The Work of the Lover, after having achieved Knowledge and Conversation, is therefore one of Equilibrium: When this has been done, he should abandon them, if they are really harmful in relation to health and comfort.


For Perfection abideth not in the Pinnacles, or in the Foundations, but in the ordered Harmony of one with all.

If one clings to the light and ignores the darkness, one is not equilibrated; if one clings to virtues and ignores vices, one is not equilibrated; if one clings to one belief and ignores its liger, one is not equilibrated. Please send any feedback, requests, or corrections to webmaster oto-usa. Caausae man must overcome his own obstacles, expose his own illusions. In the beginning was Initiation.

Or should the ritual speak in terms however vague which seem to imply Egyptian, Taoist, Buddhist, Indian, Persian, Greek, Judaic, Christian, or Moslem philosophy, let him reflect that this is a defect of language; the literary limitation and not the spiritual prejudice of the man P.

The ordeals were turned into contempt, it being impossible for any one to fail therein. How shall I indite songs, when even the memory of the shadow of thy glory is a thing beyond all music of speech or of silence? Deliberately, therefore, did he take refuge in cauxae. Francis of Assisi visited lepers, the sight of which disgusted him.